[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text disable_pattern=”true” align=”left” margin_bottom=”0″]Big news in The Twos: this week we finished our Jackson Pollock-inspired paintings!

The idea for this month-long project was born when a child accidentally dripped some paint on the floor and noticed how it splattered… then, excited by the result, did it again.

We cleared the floor, spread some newspapers, up-ended a table and set up some boards to start a collective splatter art project. If interest wained, it would have ended there as a week-long activity, but the children wanted to continue adding layers of paint – so we did!


This was a beautiful project because:

  • it was collaborative – the children took turns adding their splatters to shared classroom boards.
  • it evolved over time – the layered process of this technique meant the children added to their painting each week.  They chose a new color to add each session, and they were excited to see how their pieces changed over time.
  • it allowed for experimentation –jugs of paint and wooden spoons, glue droppers and spatulas are great painting tools… who knew?!
  • there was joy in the process – experiencing the cause and effect of their actions was fun!  Children love the freedom to be creative without striving toward one ‘correct’ result, and, in this case, they loved the freedom to be a little messy too!
  • And it inspired research on a painter famous for using the splatter technique just like them!  The children learned about Jackson Pollock and his work, and I bet they can all tell you the interesting way he sometimes signed his paintings (hint: look for the handprints).

At CCNS, we value the process of making art over the end product, however we think the results of this exploration are absolutely stunning!  Take a look!


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