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Outdoor Classroom

Our natural outdoor classroom is a unique and treasured part of the CCNS environment.

The teachers think of this space as an extension of the inside classroom, planning its use as part of the curriculum. Our students spend many engaging hours interacting with nature as they explore our various gardens, structures and water features. Children work cooperatively, solving problems and being creative as they work with a variety of loose parts. They hone their cooking skills while playing in our vast mud kitchen complete with water pump. They unleash their inner musician playing the large outdoor xylophone, gong and whale drum. Riding bikes, digging holes, swinging with friends, and attempting new challenges such as crossing the monkey bars, climbing a tree, balancing on the rock wall or braving the long slide are just a taste of some of the daily activities available in this oasis.

This space is used daily for lessons in movement, gardening, conservation, scientific observation, life cycles, physical properties and a variety of artistic techniques.

At CCNS we believe, “there is no bad weather, only bad clothing.” The children go outside every day, rain, shine or snow. Research has proven that children need to interact with nature, take risks and spend multiple hours each day moving and playing outside.

Our outdoor classroom is proof of our commitment to providing the best possible education for our students.