What is Big Body Play?



The other day one of our CCNS parents was at the beach watching a couple of boys wrestle around happily.  Their babysitter came running over and broke up the tussle warning them to “keep their hands to themselves”.  She told us that she really wanted to go over to the woman and explain to her about Big Body Play that we allow at CCNS. So we thought we would share an explanation of why, “keep your hands to yourself” is not always the mantra you want to use with children.  This rough and tumble kind of play, coined, “Big Body Play” is a natural activity for children and one that actually teaches many life skills.  To read more about it, please click the link to a post on Playfullylearning.me, the blog written by our Educational Director, Dana Gorman, entitled, Rough and Tumble Play- How to Say Yes!