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Have you seen the beautiful furniture purchased this fall for each CCNS classroom?  The shiny new tables and chairs really make the most of our space and offer a flexible platform for building creativity and community at CCNS.

This investment is part of our capital plan for continuous renewal and follows on from new shelving, reading and resting spots, and of course, our beautiful outdoor playground. Some of the furniture was even designed and custom built for our spaces – thank you, Joseph!  And many pieces were assembled by a crack team of parent volunteers who became Allen wrench experts and had a good time together in the process.

The new tables are flexible. They can easily be separated for smaller group work or combined for collaborative projects and the community of sharing lunchtime and snack.

The new chairs are fabulous. They are ergonomic and right-sized for our children, tuck in to the tables perfectly, and enable the children to comfortably rest their feet on the floor.

And, for now at least, the smooth surfaces are absolutely pristine… which makes sanitizing and clean-up a breeze!

These thoughtfully-chosen items are excellent additions to our classrooms, and we look forward to eating, mixing, reading, writing, drawing, molding, crafting, and making messes at them for years to come!

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